blue and green stamp that says biohazard. pink stamp that says I heart cute Pokemon that then shows various pokemon images. stamp with a picture of a pink ds. stamp with picture of sleeping kitten that has an arrow pointing to it that says the eeper. stamp with picture of a pink furby that simply says furby. rainbow stamp that has a star border and says gay. red stamp that has a gif of a hamster running away from the camera. purple stamp that has a gif of a cat standing on hind legs and jumping up and down. stamp with a gif streamer jerma doing a break dance while a backrooms greenscreen is behind him. stamp with callie and marie from the splatoon series. They are doing their signature pose. stamp with a gif of Jerma985 doing the caramelldansen dance. stamp with a rainbow background that says I support Mary Sues and Sparkle Dogs. stamp with the main characters from neko sugar girls with the caption rabies. stamp with a gif that switches between different groups of pokemon starters. stamp with rainbow background and the caption queer. stamp with a picture of a city at night with the caption I love to stay up late. stamp with a picture of Trish Una from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. stamp with a gif of the vocaloid Neru typing on a flip phone. stamp with two carousel horses moving up and down slowly. stamp with a picture of the pokemon chikorita midjump. stamp with a gif of vocaloids len and rin from the electric angel music video. stamp with furret from pokemon on it. stamp with a picture of garfield with text over his face that states you are not immune to propaganda. stamp with jesus that says accept jesus win a free xbox 360. stamp with plesiosaur that says I heart plesiosaurs. stamp with four pokemon sprites that says I know it's just a game but pmd was real to me. stamp with picture of pokeball that says I support cramming animals into tiny balls. stamp with a gif of panty and stocking from panty and stocking with garterbelt. stamp with picture of sonic the hedgehog that is captioned I see you sinning. stamp with a black background that says totally rad in rainbow text.