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Hi and welcome again to my website! I have been working on this site for less than a week, so it is very much a work in progress! More updates will arrive over the next few days as I work on figuring out coding and what I want to include in this site!

while I'm getting everything here laid out expect rapid fire updates (sorry!), and once things are passable & functioning, updates will come about weekly (at least while school is out of session).
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11:39 PM 7/4/2023
Haven't had much inspiration to do anything outside of coding lol. I want to draw more but rn this site is all I care about (-_-)

Current & Upcoming Changes
8/4/2023 - added new journal entry, created about me page, added (part of) pokemon shrine
7/10/2023 - created journal page, small changes in code
7/7/2023 - added shrine directory page, created currently watching, added places to find me elsewhere
7/6/2023 - added Statuscafe
7/5/2023 - added guestbook & button marquee
7/4/2023 - added hit counter
7/3/2023 - added changelog
- Add an art gallery
- Add more to journal
- Splatoon shrine
- Full about me page
- Pokemon Shrine
- Live chatbox/guestbook
- Currently watching/reading